This year EGIR celebrated its 30th anniversary. The virtual meeting was on "Energy metabolism and metabolic diseases: role of different players” from 7-9 November 2022. The presentations can be accessed on demand on YouTube.

The meeting hosted excellent speakers (link to the program).

The first day’s speakers were:

  • Mikael Rydén Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden ;
  • Tatiana Moro from the University of Padova, Padova, Italy and
  • Vincent Prevot Inserm, Lille, France.

The abstract session program on the second day was excellent ; 11 accepted outstanding standards.

This year, two eligible abstracts divided the award supported by Lilly:

  • Sonja C. Schriever, Research Unit Neurobiology of Diabetes (NBD), Helmholtz University, Germany, with the abstract “Type 2 diabetes risk gene Dusp8 regulates hypothalamic Jnk signaling and insulin sensitivity";
  • Domenico Trico, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Pisa, presented his work on “Lipid-induced glucose intolerance is driven by impaired glucose kinetics and insulin metabolism in healthy individuals”.

The third day was the turn of:

  • Thomas Scherer of the University of  Vienna, Austria followed by
  • Paola Tognini  of the University of Pisa, Italy and
  • Sandra Pereira of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), from Toronto, Canada.

Symposium at EASD September 2022 in Stockholm

The EGIR group organized a symposium during the 2022 EASD meeting in Stockhlom entitled "Diabetes, comorbidities and the importance of inter-organ cross talk".


  • John Petrie (Glasgow, UK),
  • John Jones (Coimbra, Portugal).


  • Cyrielle Caussy (Lyon France);
  • Paula Macedo  (Lisbon, Portugal);
  • Amalia Gastaldelli (Pisa Italy);
  • Chiara Saponaro (Lille, France);
  • Andrea Natali (Pisa, Italy).


The session can be accessed through this link

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