EGIR Steering Committee

The European Group for the Study of Insulin Resistance (EGIR) has an elected Steering Committee consisting of a Chair and five ordinary members. Each member holds office for three years and the EGIR membership is invited to submit proposals for election to the committee at the Annual General Meeting.

EGIR Steering Committee


Amalia Gastaldelli, Italy 2018-2021


John Petrie, UK 2018-2021


Andrea Natali, Italy 2018-2021


Ele Ferrannini, Italy (remains in charge as RISC Principal Investigator)

Andrea Mari, Italy 2018-2021

Mina Mitrakou, Greece 2018-2021

Caroline Bonner,  France 2018-2021

John Jones, Portugal, 2017-2020 (unanimously extended until 2021)

Melania Manco, Italy 2017-2020 (unanimously extended until 2021)